Responsible Jane gives individuals the ability to show their support and gratitude for the cannabis industry while giving back to the community.


Jane’s Vendors are trade businesses benefiting from working in and around the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry has been beneficial to many Colorado businesses and vendors. Responsible Jane gives them the ability to Give Back to the Community and be recognized on JANE'S LIST


Licensees are businesses or people licensed to cultivate, manufacture, sell, distribute, store, transport or test retail or medical marijuana.

It shouldn’t be so hard to give. Many nonprofits won’t accept donations from anyone associated with the cannabis industry.  Research is needed for business owners and vendors, in the industry, to figure out which organizations will accept their donations.  To further complicate this process, most nonprofits will not accept cash. 

Responsible Jane gives Licensees the ability to make a difference and give back with confidence and ease. We’ve done the work for you and we accept cash.